Viesīte museum “Sēlija”

The department “Mazā Bānīša” (Little Engine) park of the Viesīte museum “Sēlija” is formed by several former narrow-gauge railway depot buildings, one of which includes a locomotive, service and cargo cars, cargo platform, railway fragment and trolleys. The museum’s Sēlija House provides an opportunity to view the exhibition on Sēlija and its treasures – personalities, nature, a history of the congress of Sēlija, and ethnography. The museum also includes the Craft Centre. The Pauls Stradiņš school department of the museum “Sēlija”, it is possible to visit the study of prof. P. Stradiņš and the living room of Stradiņi, exhibits in the replace hall, handicraft classroom, classroom of A. Brodele, study of Gotthard Stender, classroom of Kāpēcis. M. Buclers cabinet of photography– there are information about first Latvian photographer, famous for his theoretical books of photography, issued special magazine for photographers.

Address: A. Brodeles iela 7, Viesīte, LV-5237
Phone: +371 28681126, +371 29116334