Tērvete Nature Park

Tērvete Nature Park, managed by Latvia’s State Forests, is the friendliest place for a family with children wishing to rejoice at the interplay of nature and fairy tales. The park spans over 1200 hectares and the World of Fairytales covers one-third of the area. It is home to various wooden sculptures and “living” fairy tale characters by the famous Latvian writer Anna Brigadere. The Fairytale Forest, the Playground, and the Dwarfs’ Forest enjoy the biggest popularity in the park. Touring these thematic areas takes at least three hours. A network of small and large trails winds through the park, conveniently traversable on foot, by bike or with a stroller, one of Latvia’s highest observation towers stands proudly above pine tops. You can have tasty meals in three cafes located in the park. Tērvete Nature Park has been recognized as one of the excellent European tourist destination in Latvia within the framework of the EDEN project.

Address: “Tērvetes sils”, Tērvete, Tērvetes novads, LV-3730
E-mail: tervete@lvm.lv
Phone: +371 63726212, +371 28309394
Homepage: www.mammadaba.lv/tervetes-dabas-parks