Sēlpils Lutheran Church was built from 1846-1850. It was once an impressive stone building with a tower and 500 seats. The altarpiece painting ‘Christ on the Cross’ disappeared during the Soviet era. In 1905 local teacher and revolutionary Pēteris Rizga (1883–1955) gave speeches to locals from the pulpit. During WWII the retreating Red Army shot the church tower and roof. The roof suffered further damage in the summer of 1944. After the war the church was renovated but the small congregation could not sustain the building and had to give it up in 1960.
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Ancient Sēlpils Church location. The first church in Sēlpils was built from 1620–1625 on the
orders of Duke of Courland Gothard Kettler. The dean was Georg Manzel (1593–1654), the first significant writer of Latvian spiritual literature. From 1766–1796 another significant figure served in the church – Gotthard Friedrich Stender (1714–1796), widely regarded as the founder of Latvian literary language. A third church in Sēlpils was built in 1793 but by 1840 it was no longer in use.


Address: Zvejnieklīcis, Sēlpils pagasts, Salas novads, LV-5232
Phone: 29156210