Rundale Palace

Bauska 2

The ensemble of Rundale Palace – the most outstanding baroque and rococo architectural and artistic monument to Latvian. The Palace was built for the Duke of Courland Ernst Johann Biron by architect F. B. Rastrelli. Its eastern is open to show visitors space of representation – the Golden Hall, the White Hall, and the Grand Gallery. The Duke’s apartments are in the central part, but the western part is fully restored Duchess apartments. Visitors are welcome to view decorative art, fine art and cultural and historical exhibitions in the exhibition Halls, Early Music Festival, and classical music concerts happen in the Palace. The french-style regular park is opened for visitors, and summer festivals are organized in the garden.

Address: Pilsrundāle, Rundāles pag., Rundāles nov., LV-3921
Phone: +371 63962197, +371 26499151