Ostrich Farm “Mazzariņi”

At the ostrich farm you can see the representatives of African ostrich species of different ages and genders and get detailed information about the largest birds on the planet. A new offer for our visitors is the chance to see the ratite EMU from the faraway Australia and three nandu ratites, who have travelled all the way from South America.

You can also purchase ostrich leather products (wallets, purses, belts, etc.), design elements from ostrich eggshells and ostrich feather jewelry, as well as unique ostrich fat soap.

For the convenience of our visitors, we have improved the territory allowing easier access to the birds with baby carriages and wheelchairs.


  • 2.00 EUR per person (for individual visitors up to 5 people)
  • 1.00 EUR per person (for groups of 6 people and up)
  • Free entrance for children of up to 7 years of age

Additional information

For users of navigation program of mobile application “Waze”: in the search, you must enter the words: “strausu ferma Mazzarini” and the system shall show the route directly to ostrich farm “Mazzariņi”.

Address: Jelgavas nov., Glūdas pag., Nākotne
E-mail: info@ratites.lv
Phone: 26702347, 29134788
Homepage: www.ratites.lv