Odzienas palace

The palace building of the manor was built in a Neo-Gothic style
in the mid-19th c. during the time of Rudolph Friedrich Adrian von
Brümmer. The palace was burned down during the revolt in 1905
and was later never fully restored. This pearl of Latvian architecture
is currently being slowly brought back to life from ruins. There are
already five banquet halls available in one wing of the palace. Three
household buildings – the old tavern, storage barn, and brewery
– have been fully reconstructed. Economic activities already take
place in two buildings. The old House Inn offers catering and room
rental services for celebrations and seminars, whereas upstairs there
are rooms for guests arranged according to the end of the 19th c.
and beginning of the 20th c. The rooms have been furnished with
authentic furniture, allowing guests to enjoy the peace and charm
of the old times. The brewery of Odziena Manor produces brews
– beer and kvass – that are praised in Latvian pubs. Here visitors
have a great opportunity to learn the details of the making of both
drinks, as well as try them out.

Address:“Zemgaļi”, Odziena Vietalvas pag., Pļaviņu nov., LV-5109
E-mail: info@odzienasmuiza.lv
Phone: +371 20 533 333
Homepage: www.odzienasmuiza.lv