Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower


The Holy Trinity Church tower is the most attended tourism object in Jelgava city. Until 1944 it was The Holy Trinity Church - one of the first Lutheran masonry churches built in Europe, and one of the first masonry building in Jelgava. The church was the largest one in Semigalia and it belonged to a German congregation.

In 1574 Gotthard Kettler, the duke of Courland and Semigalia, ordered a new masonry house of worship to be built, and it is considered that it was designed by Dutch building master Joris Joriszn Frese. The church was consecrated on the 25th of May in 1615. In 1686-1688 the tower came as an addition to the church, and its architect was Martin Knoch. In 1862, under the supervision of the architect Emil Strauss, the tower had its height increased and together with the gilded cross, it measured 80.5 meters high. In July of 1944, during the air strike, the most of Jelgava was destroyed, including The Holy Trinity Church. Since then, only the Bell Tower was left and now after the reconstruction in 2010 it is open to visitors.

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