Farmstead PEDAGAS

Farmstead Padegas is a family farm that processes its own grown produce in an effort to preserve the natural composition of the product, without using any artificial additives. The produce is grown using organic farming methods. Sea buckthorn, rhubarb, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, various types of vegetables and herbs are grown on three hectare land – are healthy, valuable and tasty. The second activity for the farm is poultry farming.

Various types of juices, syrups, jams, snack sauces, pastilles, marshmallows, etc. are produced from the products grown on the farm. During the season, the farm offers to buy vegetables and to pick sea buckthorn berries yourself.

“Padegas” offers to see typical Latvian poultry and domestic animals, relax by the bank of the Īslīce river, familiarize yourself with the products grown on the farm, get involved in field work, buy and taste processed products, participate in master classes.

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