District of K.Ulmanis,the farmstead „Pikšas”

Dobele district may be called the district of K.Ulmanis, as here, in the farmstead „Pikšas”, on 4th of September 1877 the future President and Prime Minister of Latvia was born. K.Ulmanis spent his childhood in “Pikšas” and during the later years he returned there from time to time. In “Pikšas” he nurtured his ideas of national freedom, dignity and prosperity.
The history of „ Pikšas” began in the 18th century when in 1777 an entry in the Church register was made. In the pre-war independent Latvia „ Pikšas” was managed by K.Ulmanis’s parents and had become a solid well-established farm.
In the late 1980s, when during National Awakening the name of K. Ulmanis could be mentioned again, employees of Dobele Local History Mu-seum came to “Pikšas” with some supporters to put up a tiny plaque with the name of the house at the place overgrown with shrubs”Pikšas” was renovated by Latvian nation, by organizing joint work and donating money, and become a living monument for K.Ulmanis and his lifetime.
At present “Pikšas”represents a symbolic farmstead of the 1930s,reflecting Latvian agricul-tural development at this time and K.Ulmanis’s lifetime work for Latvia’s welfare.
A lot of energy and effort towards the development of this cultural centre has been invested by Gunars Ulmanis, its long-time leader. He is also the author of the exhibited paintings in the museum.

Address:Dobeles novads Bērzes pagasts muzejs”Pikšas”
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