Selonian skills museum

There are available information in Jekabpils municipality “Selonian skills museum” about the tourism offer in Jekabpils municipality territory: cultural heritage expositions, private collections, environment and various tourism objects and [Vairāk]


Sēlpils Lutheran Church was built from 1846-1850. It was once an impressive stone building with a tower and 500 seats. The altarpiece painting ‘Christ on the Cross’ disappeared during [Vairāk]

Mezotne Hillfort

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Mezotne Hillfort is located on the left bank of Lielupe opposite the Mezotne Palace. This has been one of the largest ancient Zemgali fortress of 9th-13th century. Next to [Vairāk]

Bauska Museum

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The museum includes art exhibitions, puppet, and toy collection, the exhibition “Lost Inhabitants of Bauska” (about Bauska Jews, Germans, and Krievini), as well as the exhibition of the history [Vairāk]

Dobele Local History Museum

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The museum offers insight into the history of Dobele Town and County. Art and history exhibitions are organized here on a regular basis. Address: Brīvības 7, Dobele, Dobeles pilsēta, [Vairāk]