Blankenfelde Manor is situated in Zemgale, Jelgava County, Vilce parish. Blankenfelde Manor was first mentioned March 6th 1426 when Klaus von Medem bought it from Johann von Mengele, Master of German order. The manor has been in the possession of several masters, but in 1920 a care home was established in the building, and the land was divided between the participants of war for liberation of Latvia. In early 1990ies, for a short period of time, the manor returned to the possession of Adina von Bernevitz, granddaughter of its last owner. In 2007, the manor ended up in the hands of current landlord who gradually restores its former glory, paying attention to retaining small architectural forms: the entrance gate, small pavilions, the rococo style forged garden gate etc.

King of France Louis XVIII lived in Blankenfelde manor for a while. One of first Latvian technical science representatives was born here: Ernsts Johans Bīnemanis – known for building air balloons. Also a world wide famous contra tenor Sergejs Jēgers spent his childhood in Blankenfelde manor.

Historically Blankenfelde manor was well known black elderberry usage in food processing. Elderberry vine and juice were produced and sold in this manor. Ladies gladly drank elderberry blossom tea (it was famous for its sliming abilities).

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