Aizkraukle region – a place for relaxation, entertainment, getting to know history and discovering wonderful landscapes! The vast region invites every visitor to go on a journey from the ancient Hanseatic city of Koknese to the place where light is born in the Daugava – Aizkrauklei. From Pļaviņas – a place where you can write your life story, to the Green Lands – Skrivers. From Jaunjelgava, surrounded by fabulous forests, to Mūsmaai in Selia – Nereta.

The region attracts with its diversity, its inhabitants’ passion and pride for the place they come from. Aizkraukle region is proud of its traditions – various events are organized, which are attended by guests from all over Latvia. Samus awakening festival in Koknese, which opens the tourist season, Picnic festival in Pļaviņa, which gathers nature lovers, Park festival in Skrīveri, which honors the values of nature, the dear county festival in Aizkraukle, when speedboats compete in the wide waves of the Daugava and self-employed people from the whole county gather in the city streets, Magdalena celebration In Friedrichstadt, where the residents of Jaun Jelgava proudly and grandly celebrate the city’s festival, as well as the Maria’s bridge festival in Erberge, where you can even meet the barons and baronesses of the ancient manor.

Aizkraukle region stands out with rich, diverse natural values, because it is here that Liktendarzs is created and the Koknese nature trail and park, the peaceful Akla, or Yugu marsh trail, the “Daugava Valley” nature park included in Natura 2000 and the valuable Skriveri dendrological park are located. Tourists are invited and attracted by the cultural-historical, breathtaking buildings – starting with Odziena manor castle, Koknese medieval castle ruins, Ārbergė manor and the cultural-historical center of Jaunjelgava, up to the beautiful, historical churches, pubs and other remarkable buildings in the whole region. The region is rich in its diversity, which can be perfectly understood in museums and expositions – Aizkraukle is home to “Soviet Years” – currently the largest exposition in the Baltics dedicated to human life in Soviet times, the historical exposition of Pļaviņi HPP, as well as the art and history museum “Kalna Ziedi”, which invites you to get to know the twists and turns of historical events over the course of several centuries. In the summer season, tourists are delighted by the wide range of water tourism opportunities – the water tourism center “Balta kaza”, the boats “Vīgante” and “Lielais Sēlis”, the Viking ships “Nameisis” and “Lāčplēsis” offer boat trips in the waters of the Daugava river of fate, more than 40 kilometers long. also the “Swan” boat. We should also not forget the rivers Perse, Mēmele, Aiviekste and Diyendussusėja, which meander through the region, as they invite you to enjoy the warm summer wind while trying your skills in SUPing, sailing on catamarans and boats.

Aizkraukle region surprises with its versatile flavors – the delicious “Liepkalni” bread is produced here, the tempting smell of which beckons from afar, the expensive “BURSH” beer is brewed, as well as the house wine “Dzidris”, the strong, warming drinks of “Drunka” in the winter cold, the flavors the pampering treats of quails and their eggs from “Olalā!” , the famous “Ievas Siers”, and, of course, sweets and delicacies that are longed for by everyone who has once enjoyed them – the legendary gotinas and cream puffs of Skriveri Food Combine, the incomparable ice creams and sorbets of Skriveri House ice cream, as well as Skriveri Saldumu marzipan, gotinas and indescribably delicious plums and cherries in chocolate…

Creativity is one of the key words that characterizes Aizkraukle region. It seems that there is no lady who has not once admired the wonderful dresses and outfits of “RADADA”! “Radošā māja” invites you to express yourself creatively and get to know Latvian traditions, you can try hand-printing in the “Apdrukā pats!” studio, and “Dunense” invites you to create leather accessories. The region is friendly to families with curious children – at the farm “Karlīnas” you can see countless animals, at the farm “Janavas” everyone gets to know how different medicinal teas are made, as well as organic cosmetics, while at the farm “Ragāres” everyone is surprised to learn that it is possible get to know more than 100 different medicinal plants! In the summer, visitors are pampered by the smell of lavender at the “Paradise Lavender” and “Lavandulla” farms.

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