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 Likteņdārzs is a symbol created in nature. It indicates continuous recovery and growth of the nation — this is where both human and state history, the present and future [Vairāk]

Museum “Sprīdīši”

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 “Spridisi”- the important place for the famous Latvian writer Anna Brigadere (1861 – 1933), the writer’s former summer cottage, a historic house dating back to 1840, where she has [Vairāk]

V.Plūdonis Museum

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 The Museum of the poet Vilis Plūdonis (1874-1940) lies on a picturesque bank of River Mēmele. In the dwelling-house, an exhibition is being displayed which is devoted to the [Vairāk]

Farm “Cīruļi”

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 Recreation in a tidy rural landscape of Zemgale, visiting of winery and home-wine tasting, rural bathhouse. Address: “Cīruļi”, Auru pagasts, Dobeles novads, LV-3710 E-mail: Phone: +371 29299030 Homepage: [Vairāk]

AS “Tērvetes AL” brewery

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 The beer produced in Tervete brewery is well known in Latvia. During the visit you will get a unique opportunity to become the best beer connoisseur: to acquaint yourself [Vairāk]

Iecava Mannor

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 Iecava Manor complex with Landscape Park, Fights for Latvia Freedom Monument Address: Iecava, Iecavas novads, LV-3913 Phone: +371 29419247 Homepage: