Ostrich Farm “Mazzariņi”

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At the ostrich farm you can see the representatives of African ostrich species of different ages and genders and get detailed information about the largest birds on the planet. [Vairāk]

Sport base „Jaujas/Jankas”

Cross-country skiing and biathlon tracks, rollerskating track, orienteering and cycling competitions during the summer season. Address: “Jankas”, Aiviekstes pagasts, Pļaviņu nov., LV5120 Phone: +371 26171250 Homepage: www.plavinunovads.lv/lv/turisms/sporta-bazes-jaujas-un-jankas

Rabbit Town

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An open-air attraction for both small and large visitors. Address: PilsmuižkungI, Codes pag., Bauskas novads, LV-3910 E-mail: trusupilsetina@inbox.lv Phone: +371 29548071 Homepage: www.trusupilsetina.lv

Mini zoo “Dobuļi”

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  Farm – Mini zoo “Dobuli” represents a diverse and interesting collection of wild animals, domestic animals, and birds. Address: “Dobuļi”, Dzimtmisa, Iecavas nov, LV-3913 E-mail: info@minizoo.lv Phone: +371 [Vairāk]

Tērvete Nature Park

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Tērvete Nature Park, managed by Latvia’s State Forests, is the friendliest place for a family with children wishing to rejoice at the interplay of nature and fairy tales. The [Vairāk]